Cool Stuff with the Flash Platform – 12/16/2011

Cool Stuff with the Flash Platform – 12/16/2011

Posted on Dec 16, 2011

The year is almost over and, if you are like me, you are already getting ready to go on holiday. Nonetheless, the community keeps pumping out new and great tutorials and projects. I did take a moment yesterday to call out some of the best Flex community bloggers of 2011 and hope to do the same for Flash next week. On another note, it occurred to me over the past week’s that there was enough new material from the community purely focused on Stage3D in Flash Player to warrant its own section. So, this week features that section with a number of new tutorials and open-source library/framework releases related to Stage3D.

Cool Stage3D Stuff

Ville Koskela discusses the latest release of the Starling framework, version 0.9.1, which includes a number of important performance optimizations. Ville notes that in his own tests Starling can now handle 35% more images than the old version.

Essentially, AGAL is the fundamental way for working with Stage3D and passing instructions to the GPU. Many frameworks handle this behind the scenes for you. However, Jackson Dunston begins a series introducing AGAL including what it does and how to use it.

Yasunobu Ikeda created a demo, including source, of the AwayPhysics physics engine for Away3D.

Peter Stefcek announces that the latest release of Genome2D, version v0.3.4, has been posted. Genome2D is an open-source, 2D game development engine for Stage3D.

Jean-Marc Le Roux posted a new version of Minko, version 1.3, that includes new helper classes for easier post-processing effects. Minko is a framework for creating 3D games with Stage3D in Flash Player 11. Jean-Marc also shares two new tutorials he wrote covering how to write ActionScript shaders.

Cool ActionScript/Flash Stuff

Roland Zwaga posts his latest, and first in a while, Spring Actionscript 2.0 progress report including new features such as multiple root views on an application context, multi-module support and improved logging.

Emanuele Feronato continues his series on creating Flash games with StencylWorks, with this edition focused on creating a level selector.

Cool AIR for Desktop Stuff

Nick Kwiatkowski completes his video tutorial series on creating AIR native extensions for Windows using Eclipse by showing you how to use the ANE in Flash Builder 4.6.

Fabio Biondi demonstrates an IPCamera security system that he has built with AIR 3.1 and Flex 4.6.

Cool Mobile & Devices Stuff (Android, iOS, Blackberry, Television)

Richard Leggett released a new game for iOS and Android built with AIR 3 and using native extensions called Snowball Fight.

Barbara Kaskosz shows how to use the zoom and pan gestures in AIR mobile with an example app which includes the full source for download.

Michael Schmalle shows you how to style and skin the new Flex 4.6 Callout component.


Adobe’s Immanuel Noel released a new AIR native extension for speech recognition that leverages Android’s built-in speech recognition capabilities.

Cool Flex & Flash Builder Stuff

Deepa Subramaniam gives an update on Flex including some of the news shared regarding incubating Flex and BlazeDS at the Apache Software Foundation during this week’s Flex summit in San Francisco.

Steve Reiner announces the availability of the first test version of FlexSpaces Mobile for Android tablets. FlexSpaces is a client for Alfresco ECM.

Valery Silaev shows how to set initial focus in Flex components by using an external interface call to first get browser focus on the embedded swf.

Dan Florio shares a tip when using Flex mobile components on the desktop and setting interactionMode=”mouse.”

Cool ColdFusion Stuff

Ben Nadel wrote a ColdFusion component wrapper for the EmailYak API called EmailYak.cfc. EmailYak lets you run two way communication between your web site and your customer via email.


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